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5 Tips To Ensure Your Child Will Not Move Back In With You At 30

How to instill in the young mind how they are going to deal with the mess we are serving them. The 30-year job is long gone, they will have to be creative in finding their own niche. The sooner they learn that the better.

With the economy like it is, employment opportunities are near extinct for us grown-ups. Can you imagine the scenario when your 8 year-old grows up?

I have a beautiful, intelligent 17 year-old son who is convinced that he will not have any luck finding a good job when he graduates high school next year. Where is he getting this information? Reports like these in the Economic Policy Institute for starters. And it is a known fact that going to college proves to be a waste of money and time because there are those with Masters degrees that are unable to get a job.

So if our babies can’t find enough work to pay the bills, where do they end up? Reluctantly sponging off mom and dad.

So how can we prepare our heirs to the coming challenge they face in adulthood?

I have put together a 5-tip to-do list for you, pick and choose as it fits your situation:

  1. Read Rich Kid, Smart Kid – this is a great book done by Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyoski.
  2. Do as you would like them to do – they are watching your every move and store it away for later reference. Do you grumble and complain that you don’t have enough money? They will think “we don’t have enough money” and will take on a poverty mindset. Counter this by putting away some in the form of gold or silver and tell them it is theirs one day.
  3. Always tell them they can be and do anything they set their minds to – If you are guilty of telling them “ you can’t do that” or “why do you think that will work” and similar phrases, in your over-protective tone you are telling them not to imagine.
  4. Praise them at every opportunity – this will not only build their confidence, but their self esteem as well. Point out when they do or say something to others that is very thoughtful and imaginative.
  5. If they are old enough, let them host a garage sale or enroll them in a network marketing company – this will instill the sense of “I can do this and don’t HAVE TO rely on an employer”. This is probably the most crucial as we enter a new era where the corporate job is scarce.

I am sure there are more than these tips I have listed here but the point is: Get them to think they can CREATE their OWN Economy and not be slave to the job market. I have, and while I can’t force it on my own son, I know he is watching me and taking note. I would like nothing else than to see him excel at something he has involved himself in and was his doing. Perhaps he will join me in my primary network marketing company, but he will decide on his own. I am not going to do it for him.

And YES, he has read Rich Kid Smart Kid and we play CASHFLOW, so I know he has the basics that a school cannot and is not equipped to teach him.

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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  • Hello Kimberley,
    My oldest boy is 18 and has just started university. I really think that he is going to struggle to find employment. As you say, the thirty year job is (long) gone.

    We have tried to foster an independent approach in both of our sons – but at 18 you think the world is at your feet (and so it is) – you just have to kick a bit harder to get what you want these days.

    Both my boys have their own blogs – mainly for fun at the moment, but they are picking up the skills they need to earn online should they wish. I think that might be the modern equivalent of an apprenticeship these days. needless to say, they pick these things up at lightning speed.

    Looking back, I can say that I had it easy – although it didn’t feel like that at the time.

  • Hamish: Your sons are in a place where they can shape the world to anything they want.
    I am so glad to hear of them blogging!
    We just opened an incredible blogging site that pays as well. Have them take a look at it here : (Never know what might happen) http://NetCashPlus.com

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