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Affiliate Marketing Myths

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most misunderstood parts of Internet marketing. Finally, you can learn what affiliate marketing is really about.

One of the more frequent myths circulating is that affiliate programs are all alike. In reality, there are several different types of affiliate marketing programs, formats and structures. You have Cost per Action, Cost per Sale and Cost per Click. These programs come under affiliate marketing but each of them performs a different job. Let’s start with Cost per Action; here when you become an affiliate and start promoting, you will get paid for every action performed through, which could be something as simple as filling out a small form or entering email address. However, Cost per Sale is quite simply where you’re paid a commission amount for each sale you refer to the merchant.

Cost per Click is just when you put some ads on your site and you get paid each time a visitor clicks on them. These program types all have similar principles, yet there are inherent differences. Revenue is shared with affiliates with each type, but the amount is calculated either by how many clicks, sales or leads you refer.

These differences can give you an idea of the full potential available with affiliate marketing. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online and there is absolutely nothing that comes close to it in terms of flexibility and startup ease. However, it’s important to be sure you always stick to the terms and conditions laid out within the rules and regulations of the affiliate program you’ve chosen. As long as you’re not spamming in any way, you should be good.

An affiliate marketing myth that has been rampant is that it takes a lot of time to actually maintain and take care of affiliate pages or blogs. All you have to do is update your site and readers with new content once in awhile, and that only takes a few minutes.

So, for instance, you are in the dog training niche and promoting an ebook on your site. So, you wrote a few articles or made a few posts for your blog and you are sending traffic to it; you won’t have to worry about adding new content unless the product’s author decides to make changes to it.

Never be intimidated by running your site; it’s a piece of cake. On the other hand, thousands of visitors won’t magically appear on your site and that is where the work comes in. This doesn’t involve directly doing anything to your affiliate page but deals with other factors that can be easily dealt with.

One of the biggest myths surrounding affiliate marketing is that people think that it’s a way to get rich quick. This is a misconception that is held by many new affiliate marketers because they usually don’t understand the dynamics involved in succeeding with affiliate marketing. The truth is that there are affiliates who have become extremely successful and have made millions of dollars. But this didn’t happen overnight. Rather than getting rich quickly, they acted fast and consistently.

Affiliate marketing should be treated seriously like any business. You can’t treat it as a hobby or a side project and expect to make grow. It needs to be treated just like a true business and you need to concentrate on it fully.

Another misconception is that in order for a page to succeed it must be loaded with content. Actually, one short page can outsell a page filled to the brim with content. It is actually quite simple why a one paged lander will outperform a content stuffed page; the visitor only has one targeted page to keep their attention so the affiliate has a greater chance of convincing them to buy. Whereas when you have too many links on the page leading to your other content and when you have too much content surrounding the product, you’ll end up distracting the prospect and maybe even confuse them.

Your visitors are on your site because they think that the information on your page and your product can possible solve their problem so use that knowledge to develop a webpage that does exactly that.

The next myth is one based on fear; there is too much competition. Don’t fall for this misinformation because it is not true. Even if you go to Clickbank and find a product with a lot of affiliates; it can still be profitable for you. The majority of affiliates who sign up for a program don’t even put in the effort to get traffic. In other words, there may be 1-5% of affiliates who sells 95% of the products. Even though it is a bad choice, you are free to pick a less “competitive” product to promote.

Many wrongly believe that it takes thousands of monthly visitors in order to make money.

It’s an affiliate marketing myth that you need to use fancy banners on your site if you want to see results.

If you put these on your site then you will encourage a lot of visitors to hit the back button after they land on your site. Just remember that any banners need to be simple and in accordance with the theme of your site. An image of the product is good enough.

All in all, the myths that we discussed above are commonly believed by new affiliates. So don’t be ignorant like many and keep pushing your knowledge ahead.

Brian Tubbs works as an internet marketer full time. Find out more about Internet Business building at his website about: Starting An Online Business. Affiliate marketing is great.

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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