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Avoiding Network Marketing Scams

Network marketing is done widely over the Internet. This movement has made network marketing much quicker
and easier for everyone, but it’s got its downsides as well. Lots of people on the Internet are waiting to
scam you. This article will tell you the most popular forms of Internet scams when it comes to network

Popular Scams

-Website Design
In order to be successful with network marketing, you must advertise and have a place for people to be able
to see what your company has to offer the world. For this, you need a website. It should be attractive and
well put together, so that it will catch people’s attention and keep them focused on the site. Many people
aren’t sure how to do this and don’t know anyone who will, so they look to professionals on the Internet to
create sites for them. While many of these businesses are legitimate, there are lots of them that aren’t.
Sometimes there is no way to know whether or not they’re legitimate besides trying them out. If you try them
out you’ve got a chance of getting scammed. So you pretty much have three options. The first one is to design
the website yourself. You may have to pay for the initial site and/or URL link, but you really don’t have any
other expenses besides that. This way, your website will be exactly the way you want it to be. And if there’s
something you don’t like about it, you can always go back and change it. Your other alternative would be to
hire someone that you know personally to design a website for you. With this, you’ll also have more control
than you would if you let someone over the Internet do it. Lastly, you could always take a chance and have
a site design your website. Make sure it’s a site that you feel good about. Learn all you can about the site
before you invest. Your chances of getting scammed are not as high if you do this.

Believe it or not, consumers can scam you. Some consumers may ask for your product and tell you they’ll pay
you when they get the product. Some ask for you to send the product and they’ll send you a check at the same
time. So what if you send the product and you never receive money for it? You’ve just been scammed and there’s
really not much you can do about it. Always make sure you have the money first before you send out your product.
Some consumers may not like that because they feel it will be easy for your company to scam them that way, but
this ensures that you won’t give a product away for free.

-Beginners Scams
Lots of people fear getting started with network marketing, so they look to the Internet for help. Scammers have
picked up on this, and some of them make lots of money this way. They’ll claim to have great tips on how to get
started for only $29.95. Well, don’t do it. You don’t know if they have tips or not, but they know they’ve got
your money and that’s all they’re worried about. Some scammers will even claim to send you books on how to get
started with network marketing. Most times, these offers are legitimate, but there still are people on the Internet
that scam you like this. Just watch out and don’t pay any entry or start-up fees for tips on network marketing that
you’re not positive you’ll receive.

There are many other ‘scams’ out there but just because it asks for a start-up fee does not make it one.
You MUST have skin in the game.

Do your homework with research of reviews that others have made.

Hope this helps, like and share so I know what to bring you next time.


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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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