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Can Watching The Evening News Really Impact The Economy?

NO News Is Good News

Reader: I offer this article for you to check how you receive into your mind and personal economy. It makes a big difference if you watch this as close as a hawk on a field mouse. Kimberly

You cannot open a newspaper or magazine, watch television, listen to the radio, or turn to the Internet, without someone telling you about the dire economic times we are living in. Some are no longer optimistic about the situation improving. However, there are still plenty of people who hope for a world where nobody is unemployed.

But can watching the news affect the economy in any real way? Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

Although it might be difficult for you to believe, what people are exposed to through the media has a direct influence on the economy in general. In the US there is the CCI (Consumer Confidence Index), and this measures the level of confidence among consumers with regards to purchases.

Watching News Affects Everyone

What is more, even events that happen on the other side of the world will affect a country’s CCI. Even if the news is about something happening in the Middle East, such as, it has the power to influence the economy at home.

The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) is nothing new. In fact it has been in existence since the ’60s. Manufacturers, retailers, banks, and so on, all watch the changes that occur in the CCI, so that they can make decisions that will affect their financial situations. Changes in the CCI can happen in a relatively short time frame. What it boils down to is that what the news reveals one month will be shown in the CCI the following month.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that peace is restored to the Middle East. When that happens, oil prices are known to be affected here at home. No matter what the news may be, whether it pertains to the cost of health care or the weather, it has the power to significantly impact the CCI for each of us on an individual basis, our own personal CCI, if you will. irrespective of what you may think, the state of the economy will decide your purchases. Of course, your opinion on the economy hangs on what you learn in via the news media.

It goes without saying that people have never been able to reach news as easily and freely as they do today. Nowadays we have access to news and information when we want it, which is why traditional media is suffering so much. The Internet has blasted its way into our lives, reaching more people in a shorter space of time than either radio or television did. Social media alone makes it possible for people to connect to each other, and communicate in ways never imagined of just a few years ago, with alarming ease and speed. Thanks to the fact that we can enjoy this media revolution our choices of what to buy are affected.

Media most certainly influences what we choose to buy and when we buy. It makes no difference if the news you are exposed to local or international, our economy will show the effects of it.

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In Summary, turn off and refuse to watch anything from the media that is negative and your life will be better dramatically! PROVEN FACT!

Get out and do something good for your community instead.

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