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Cross Caveman and Internet Marketing; What Do You Get? | Commission Overload

Before you can attempt to redefine something, you must first be an expert in the subject.

Commission Overload redefines affiliate marketing because Tim Atkinson is an expert in that field.

Let us first look at what affiliate marketing was, what it is, and what it will be after Commission Overload gets introduced to the masses.

At it’s core, affiliate marketing is basically a person who has a product to sell using affiliates to generate leads. This has been going on forever, since the dawn of mankind. For instance, thousands of years ago there was this one in particular Neanderthal who was the best spear maker in all the land, he had figured out how to make spears that wouldn’t constantly break when hunting, and they were sharper too! He was so busy creating his spears that he didn’t have time to go out and sell them, so he had other Neanderthals do it for him. And for every sale that one of his workers made, the worker would get a percentage of the profits. The worker had to go out and talk to every person he saw to try and convince that person of the quality of the amazing spear. I call this caveman marketing. Caveman marketing is going person to person trying to sell something to receive a commission off of it. It started with the first cavemen and was the dominant form of selling up until the internet came along. Caveman marketing is not what commission overload is.

Once the internet came along, everything changed. All of a sudden, you could get information to the entire world with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse. And when you’re able to reach millions and millions of people at once, obviously this is going to be where people start selling stuff. Thus dawned the age of Internet Marketing. No longer did people have to go door to door selling stuff, or spend countless millions on print ads to distribute to millions of people. Not only did the internet make things easier for the people trying to sell their products, it made it easier for people trying to buy products. With it now being so easy to buy, people started buying more and more. The internet is probably the single greatest thing to ever happen to commerce.

Commission Overload is not solely internet marketing either.

So if Commission Overload isn’t just internet marketing, and isn’t just caveman marketing, what is it? It is the perfect hybrid of both. It teaches you how to take the best of both types of marketing, to achieve true commission overload. The key principles you learn teach you how to apply your online marketing to the offline crowd, and how to apply your offline marketing to the online crowd. It’s a two for one punch that perfectly blends the strengths of both into a super marketing method that will do nothing short of create you a ton of commission overload. Welcome to the new era of affiliate marketing.


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