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Facebook Marketing - Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

Facebook Marketing is an excellent book by Steven Holzner. It caters for people who wants to embrace social media like Facebook to expand their reach to millions of potential customers either worldwide or locally. It is easy to read with lots of screen shots and illustrations as guide on how capitalize on Facebook to take one’s business to the next level.

Chapter 1 offers useful suggestions on how to get started with Facebook and explains the key features of this site.

The next two chapters introduce Facebook Groups and Pages, and explore how it may use it for marketing purposes without being accused of spamming. It offers useful comparison between Groups and Pages, and how to make it spread like virus.

Other useful marketing features of Facebook covered in the book include:

(a) How to host events for business promotion purposes.
(b) How to advertise in Facebook and how to bid for ad presentation.
(c) How marketplace works.
(d) How to conduct polls.

Chapter 6 illustrates how to optimize and monitor advertising for the target audience. There is also a section on selection of keywords.

The last two chapters cover Facebook Applications and how one may use it for marketing purposes. In this regard, it offers useful tips on how to use Facebook Pre-built Applications for advertising and how to gain exposure through applications. There are also detailed descriptions on how to develop your own applications in Facebook. Whether you are technically inclined or not, this chapter is excellent for bringing ones social media skills to the next level.

In conclusion, Facebook Marketing by Steven Holzner is excellent read and is a must-have for any marketer.

I am a financial and operational management consultant who has been helping corporations and individuals improve their financial well-being for than 20 years. I have now turn my attention to the Internet as it is a great platform for sharing my other passions and “make life better” discoveries. For more tips and secrets on internet marketing visit http://www.homeinternetmoney.com

Author: Jason J.W. Lim
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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