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How Big Is Your Why?? | home busness

So, why are you really doing this business, I mean really?? Is it to buy a new house?? Buy a new car?? Pay for your kids college education?? Truly, what is it?? You see, if your why isn’t truly defined and etched in stone, YOU WILL QUIT!! If your why isn’t big enough to make you cry, YOU WILL QUIT?? If you don’t have a true why, you will find everything possible wrong with your business and or company and, you guessed it, YOU WILL QUIT!! So, to avoid the agony of quitting, define your why RIGHT NOW. You don’t have time to be working a business without a true purpose. Your why will be your driving factor to allow you to overcome the hurdles that YOU WILL come across in this industry called Network Marketing and Internet Marketing. Here’s a quick video I did a while ago taking about my why and why I truly love this industry so, so much. Happy Watching;)

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  • Kareem WilliamsNo Gravatar

    wow this is a powerful video Kim, thanks A million for sharing.

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