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How To Change Your Life Using The Law Of Attraction

In the beginning using the law of attraction might seem a little awkward as you change your thoughts. It might even seem like voodoo.

thoughtsGetting past the initial negative thought patterns is something that may not come naturally. By taking the time to gather some evidence that the universal laws of this principle are already in power throughout your life you will have an easier time making the adjustment. This is a universal principle that applies to everyone.

It really does not matter whether you start manifesting big things or little things. Most people start with little things because they want to supporting evidence that it is working. It is easier to see in the smaller, daily things than it is to wait for something much larger that might take a greater buffer of time. One of the best ways to apply this principle to everyday life is to remember to include segment intending in your every moment.

“Segment intending” is explained in the book, but if you have not yet read it you will simply be putting out positive thought before starting any daily task. Use a sentence and be clear in your intent. Usually, you will start off by simple finishing the sentence, “I intend to…” .

This elevates your level of awareness with each task. The vibrational intention that you put forth will be much more likely to manifest if you can maintain your positive thought throughout the task. Perhaps you have set forth the positive intention to have a good conversation with a friend and make plans for the weekend, but your friend is not really being very positive at all.

During the conversation your friend may make statements that sound like accusations. If you invite the accusation into your thoughts you then may reset your original desire from enjoying the conversation to defending your previous actions. As soon as that happens the whole experience changes and you have allowed your friend to bring you away from attracting all that you want.

The same concept works with financial applications as well. If you set out to have a great work week and you announce your sentence of desire clearly and plainly then that is likely the experience you will have. Of course, if you allow the opinions of others to enter your thoughts you might very well find that you are suddenly having a very different experience. The people you surround yourself with do not have to carry such an impact on your experience of life.

Negative thought, whether it originates from you or someone else, is the fastest way to kill off any positive vibration that you have already set into motion. Your thought patterns are going to determine the extent at which you can manifest the great things in life. If you are careful to only think thoughts that pleasant, grow into positive action, or are generally grateful in nature you will see sudden and fast changes.

You can absolutely change your life using the law of attraction. Usually the beginning stages take time and practice. Eventually, if you do it often enough, you will no longer have to work at thinking and attracting the things you really want. It will simply happen automatically and you will see all of the evidence open up before you.

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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    Did you know that actually happened to friend of mine Tracey Walker?

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