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How to Get Wealth and Money


This is one of my favorite subject. The difference between wealth and money has a lot to do with “financial freedom”. I talk about it because wealth and money are different. Wealth is more of a God thing; and money is a paper thing! You may find it boring; but don’t be too quick to click away from this page. Remind yourself that you landed here because you probably want to be wealthy. I know how to make you some money. And, I teach you how to make money. But, guess what…. if you don’t know the difference between wealth and money, the money you make will slip through your fingers like sand in an hour-glass.

Wealth mentality comes first and then money follows. That may sound simple, but it is nearly that simple. Most people don’t understand the two terms, and so, keeping money is difficult. But, get it straight and money will chase you down. Your attitudes about wealth and money determine your wealth quotient. This is frustrating, I know, but after you meditate on Godly wealth, you will begin to grasp the concept.

People living in developed countries join the 20% who are the wealthiest people on earth. Know that you are already wealthy. This mind frame will engender gratitude–the most powerful tool to realizing ultimate wealth in your life. It is key. There’s a car in your garage. There is cool stuff in your house. Clothes are in your closet. Food is in your refrigerator. Be mindful to meditate on your current state of wealth and express your supreme gratitude for your every day conveniences–and do it before you get out of bed every day.

Did you know that you are wealthy enough right here and now to help someone else who is less fortunate? To help you get to where you want to be, keep reminding yourself that “it’s not about me!” God rewards selflessness. It is a good idea to educate yourself every day about being selfless. Humility and unselfishness are attributes that God rewards.

Before I continue, let’s talk about your dreams and goals. Before we get to your desire for mansions and fancy cars, let’s talk about what you are going to do with your financial freedom to fund someone else’s dream. That’s right, you need to dream about financing someone else’s goal. Start with your pastor or a local charity.

All the wealth guru’s talk about finding your “why”–finding that special something that propels you on to success. Knowing your “why” puts the gas in your tank and causes money to chase you down. Right now, ask yourself why you want more money–for kids, or a project that needs your help. Stay tuned and I’ll show you how to find your personal “why”!

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