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Increase Website Activity In As Little As 7 Days With These 10 Ways

The first way to strengthen your website traffic while you are not online is by adding your website address or URL to each and every one of the printed matter your business makes. This includes business fax cover sheets, letterhead, envelopes, newsletters and business cards. This is not to say you shouldn’t include your conventional business contact address, but your website URL of course deserves a position on all of your materials.

The 2nd method to promote your Site activity while you are offline is to write about your website on a repeated basis in your business’s newsletter. Be sure to broadcast it if you are re-launching (or launching for the first time) your company website. You as well want to announce major site changes, like the addition of a portion from your CEO. You may even need to include a regular story that highlights changes and extraordinary sections of the Site your customers should check out.

Here’s another way to increase your website readership while you are offline is to get the finest, and easiest to remember, site address for your company. This will make certain that individuals will remember it and locate it easier to come back on a regular basis. If staff members stumble over the address on a regular basis, or customers find it complicated to think of or enter into the address bar of the web service they use on a regularly, it is not probable to be visited much.

One more means to increase your website traffic while you are offline is to be sure your entire staff is informed about the site and its contents. Even the person who answers the main phone line should be able to answer common questions about it. This ensures that any client who is just curious and needs assistance will find your staff helpful and smart, increasing site interest.

The fifth technique to market website interest while offline is to add the website address to your business’s answering service. If a guest calls after hours and gets your voice mail, they are prone to want to make an instant connection with your company. By adding the website address to the message they will hear makes it more possible they’ll go to an online link to find out about your company.

An added way to promote website activity is to be sure that your website appears in any in print media notification your business receives. Request that it be printed with your identify or with the bio portion of the article.

The seventh website activity way to promote is to be sure to mention your Site address whenever you deal with any type of media. If the local news station is interviewing you about your Gift Business at Christmas time, it is a good time to bring up your Site address.

The next  website promotion is to insert your Site address to every press releases you make to the media. Press releases (or PR) can seem a bit stripped if you cannot give visitors a way to directly connect with the company after the article has been released. A website address can do just that.

To build up website visitation a 9th fashion  is to be sure that your address appears on all advertising materials, this is plain common sense. Printing the Site URL on these is a fine way to reinforce the idea that customers ought to go to your site. The majority of companies have promo resources like shirts, Frisbees, notepads,jackets, and duffle bags that they offer customers and their employees as open gifts.

The final way to greatly increase website activity while you are not online is to pick up a bumper sticker or magnetic sign to attach to your company cars and trucks and add to your personal vehicles advertising the site. Think of it, when you are wedged in freeway traffic, the person next to or following you might just punch up the site on his blackberry for lack of a something else to do.

What do you think? Know anymore great methods?

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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