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Is Donald Trump Over His Head With The Trump Network?

Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump Want You to Be RichDonald Trump is a very well known and well respected businessmen. If you have not heard his name, you have probably been living in the bush your whole life. When you hear his name you think of his many real estate properties or his now famous television show “The Apprentice.” Because of his knowledge in business and how he has positioned himself, Donald Trump attracts wealth. Donald Trump has built fortunes and then lost it in a recession. But what remains is that Trump can build an empire regardless of the situation.

Now, in the midst of a recession of 2009, Donald Trump is entering new waters as he begins to launch his very first multilevel marketing business. Many wonder if this is a publicity stunt, a new way for The Donald to make even more money, a true way for the little man to profit, or a complete flop that will be made and Trump will lose all his money as his did in a recession 20 years prior.

The Trump Network is venturing into new territory and selling a product never sold before under the Trump name. These products are a part of the health and wellness industry. The unique product being sold is a home testing kit in which it will tell you exactly what vitamins you need to take. This is very new and I have not seen anything like this elsewhere. When deciding what vitamins you need to take, many times there is human error which causes mistakes. This kit will take that human error out of the equation. You no longer need to tell a professional the symptoms you are facing and how you feel. This kit can make a determination for you. The Trump Network will also sell you vitamins, multi-vitamins, health drinks, and a weight management meal solution. These products are all offered based on the results of your home testing kit. Each of these other products are real products in and of themselves. There are similar products already in the marketplace, so these are nothing to new.

The multilevel marketing opportunity being offered by the Trump Network is nothing new under the sun. This type of business structure has been around for well over fifty years. The unique thing about this marketing structure is that anyone with the drive to work and want success can create a large income. The biggest question thought is why can’t Donald Trump sell this product on his own? This system requires thousands of people selling the products for him. The answer to this lies in the fact that network marketing is the largest growing business structure during a down economy. The Trump Network is being launched in the middle of recession. This is a word of mouth business, and Donald Trump knows that this business structure will succeed, even in a down economy.

Donald Trump is an absolute genius. He knows how to make a profit in any economy. Yes, he has made business mistakes, but he learns from them. This is the perfect timing for the Trump Network to launch. Not being involved in the Trump Network, I can give a good review that is not intended to persuade you to join the Trump Network. This is an outside perspective of “The Donald’s” new business. Donald Trump was very smart in all the steps he has taken to the launch of Trump Network. This is a good business opportunity. It is the perfect timing and the main product of the home testing kit is very unique. Yes, there are many MLM companies that sell vitamins and health products, but none that I’m aware offers this kit in which it tells you what vitamins you should be taking.

This article is written by an outside source and not by me personally. I merely share it to offer some insight into the business.

This Trump Network Review is to inform you of the Trump opportunity. If you are considering joining the Trump Network then you will need to learn how to market yourself and generate leads online.

If you are involved in the Trump Network (or not) learn to brand YOU first then let the Billionaire speak for himself.

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