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Is Visalus Sciences a good MLM company? Review


As far as health and nutritional companies go, Visalus Sciences ranks high among them mainly due to the recent growth spurt.

What caused the increase?

Lets take a look at that.

Doing a little research I found that Visalus Sciences is not very expensive to join as a distributor. There is 3 levels to actually enroll with. So that would depend on the individual and what they have in mind as the ultimate goal.

Can money be be made with Visalus? I have been hearing a resounding YES and boasting 1500 BMW qualifiers, that tells me that it can make someone a decent income.

The Products

They have a number of health products. As more and more baby-boomers realize they are needing supplements, these products make a big splash in the market. Visalus Sciences Vi-Shape is their weight loss product which according to their website compares favorably to their competitors’ products. Visalus Sciences Vi-Pak is designed to give your body the nutrition it needs and Visalus Neuro is an energy drink mix made with healthy ingredients to boost your mental and physical performance. All these products present well and seem to be the equal of any of its competitors.

Lead with a good product. Check.

Ok, how about the organization?

The Company

It is based in Michigan and Ryan Blair is the CEO. The people behind the company have a lot of experience in the MLM industry and seem to know what they are doing which gives Visalus a solid foundation.

Visalus Sciences has actually been around for quite a while now but haven’t hit the big time yet. This is either good or bad depending on your point of view. They are established so they are less likely to go out of business than a brand new company but haven’t reached its potential. Although to be fair, according to Npros.com they have grown by 54% in the last 6 months so maybe they are on their way up.

Ok, that is great! But can you make money if you wanted to in addition to the Health benefits?

The Opportunity

Visalus uses a uni-level pay plan which is a proven pay plan and has been used by many successful companies so there are no problems here. They also have a luxury car program where top distributors are rewarded with a BMW. According to their website they have given over 1000 distributors BMW’s.

Alright then. This “sounds” good, but where is it on the scam scale?

It is clear that Visalus is not a scam but that is no guarantee that you well have success in this company.

One problem with Visalus, as with most companies, is they don’t seem to have any marketing training to help its distributors. A good company can certainly help you to achieve success quicker but without the proper training you are going to struggle no matter how good the company is.


After this Visalus Review, you can be sure that Visalus Sciences is a legitimate business. Unfortunately most people will never make the money that they would want out of Visalus because they don’t know how to market properly. Sadly most Visalus people don’t even know how to generate a single lead!

Visit mymlmdownlineadder.com to learn how to generate endless leads for your Visalus business and have the success you deserve.

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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