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Law of Attraction History

by Glenda Feilen (guest blogger)

The the historical past behind the Law of Attraction goes back to the start of the universe – if indeed the universe had a beginning. This alone tends to make a fascinating conversation.
We do know that our world had a beginning. The Big Bang theory is now generally agreed on. But did the universe start, or has it always been here? If it did not start, then it won’t end. But we are getting away from the subject.

Natural laws have always existed, so we may safely say that the Law of Attraction has also been around forever. No one is aware of exactly when it was first ‘discovered.’ Almost certainly, some ancient people knew about it. There’s a popular opinion that it was known 7 – 8,000 years ago, which would take us back to the Stone Age.
It is fascinating to hypothesize whether such knowledge could in some way have had a bearing on projects like the building of the pyramids, or Stonehenge and other enormous works.

Exactly how were those enormous stones at Stonehenge moved? The mighty sarsens, each one weighing 50 tons. They had to be dragged for about 25 miles, and it has been been estimated that it would take nearly 500 men to drag one stone, with another hundred to move the huge rollers upon which the stones were placed.

Then they would have to be lifted upright, and the lintel stones placed on top. Not simply thrown up sloppily. They were keyed in with incredible precision. Somehow, I find it tough to believe that this was accomplished by manpower alone. I know it seems far out, but something along the lines of the Law of Attraction, some natural law, may have been known to these people and they were able to use it advantageously in their building.

We don’t really know anything about the early manifestations of the Law of Attraction. We do, however, have documents of the opinions of people from the 19th and 20th. centuries. H.G. Wells wrote in his book, “The Time Machine” that ‘Viking people know very well that time is only a kind of space.’ In another part he wrote, ‘There is no difference between time and any of the 3 dimensions of space except that our consciousness moves along it.’

A lot of the great thinkers of that period were strong believers in what came to be referred to as the Law of Attraction. Interestingly, of all the major newspapers, it was the New York Times in 1879 that used the phrase first in relating to the trains of the Colorado Gold Rush.

The electrician, John Ambrose Fleming, advocated the ‘energy of attraction,’ and pronounced his beliefs in 1902.

The New Thought Movement of 1904 – 1907, of which Thomas Troward was a huge leader, claimed that physical matter arose from thought.
William Walker Atkinson, in 1906, used the phrase in his book ‘Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.’

Another great supporter was Wallace Wattles who, in 1910, wrote his renowned piece, ‘The Science of Getting Rich.’ I can’t say for sure how rich Mr. Wattles became from this volume, yet lots of individuals have professed to use the Law of Attraction to bring them wealth. At any rate, the Law of Attraction is an idea that ought to be continuously researched in years to come, who knows what power it could possibly unleash for the human race?

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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