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Make Money From Internet With Backlinks

When you install a code from Statcounter or Analytics in your site or blog you are starting to get information that will help you to earn money online with backlinks. Let me explain you how this is done.

When you define a project in Statcounter you will have access to a lot of information. But before anything you need to get visitors to your site. If you are not receiving visitors from Google or some search engine then you need to step back and optimize your site for some keyword in order to start receiving visitors.

Remember that the first set of keywords you must chase must not be competitive keywords in order to rank high in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) and start receiving visitors. At the beginning there will be a few, very little quantity of visitors. You need to continue optimizing your site for more keywords.

And here is where we can use Statcounter. Once you start receiving some visitors take a look on the keywords those visitors used to find your site and write a post with those keywords in an optimized way.

After you get visitors for some keywords or phrases you will realize that surfers are finding you for some phrases you did not think of. This is the moment to reinforce the relevancy of your blog or site for those new keywords you are seeing to be found with.

Later on, after you do it once and again, you will continue climbing higher on SERPs for more and more keywords and phrases. After a while there will be a good quantity of visitors that are finding you with more and more phrases.

You just need to reinforce the idea to search engines that your site is relevant for those phrases and keywords by creating unique content optimized and building links for those phrases and keywords.

When somebody finds you with a word that has a very good CPC, then use it in the same way. You will optimize your site to be on spot 1 for that keyword and you will get more visitors that may click on your ads and there you go to earn money online with backlinks.

There are several ways to earn money online. The method of creating sites and work to be on top spot of search engines has the advantage of being almost in autopilot. If you are able to place a blog or site in the top position for well paid keywords, then you will be able to earn money online for times to come with a very low maintenance process.

Dave Martin has a place where He teaches people in several ways. http://getmoneyforbeginners.blogspot.com. He says this is how I get money and can show you the way.

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