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Manifesting Abundance - Turn Any Dream Into Reality

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Manifesting abundance in your life is possible, no matter who you are or where you come from. Abundance comes into your life according to what you deeply are convinced you need, desire, and deserve. Most of who and what are in your life this very moment are reflections or expressions of these things, no matter if you consciously are aware of this or not.

Manifesting abundance stems from the acknowledgment that thoughts have power. The quality of your thought has shaped your entire life from the moment you were born. Of course, as a tiny baby, the quality of your thought certainly had not had any chance to develop into a great power. Your thoughts were mostly responses to basic instincts and simply trying to absorb the sheer vastness of sensory input coming into you from all sides.

Your parents then taught you what to believe and how to socialize in childhood. Upon going to school, you found that life could be harsh and uncompromising. You learned that it was foolishness to manifest abundance.

Sure, they told you, you might do it, but only if you beat yourself down with absurd amounts of hard work or just get lucky, or you have to have been born with some of the rarest and most incredible genes. The probability is that you won’t have a life of abundance. It’s not that you’ll starve to death, or can’t have a decent house (although maybe that will happen to you if you’re not smart enough or if you just aren’t lucky). It’s just that you can forget about your big dreams, or the things out of the ordinary that would have deeper meaning for you, such as not just marrying anyone but marrying your soul mate.

But you can have abundance–and you don’t have to rely on luck; and you don’t need a so-called ‘education’; and you don’t need ‘good genes’. You also do not need to live an existence where you are enslaved to drudgery, boredom, or doing any work that you hate.

You can thrive. You are allowed to thrive. You deserve to thrive.

But in order to manifest abundance, you have to be aware that you deserve it. You have to feel ‘in your soul’ that you deserve it. And, you have to know the certain way to do things that will make it come into being.

Now, each one of us is different. So just because the cosmic laws of manifesting abundance are universal, they will find unique expression in you and in your life, the way a musician applies universal laws of playing his instrument but has his own unique style of playing and composing. This is important to keep in mind so that you don’t get confused. Manifesting abundance is not about keeping up with the Joneses.

When you manifest abundance in your life, you may or may not become famous, get married, or live in a mansion. In fact, you may just make enough money that will meet your needs to comfortably live within your means in a home that you love.

What really matters is what your heart desires. Manifesting abundance means manifesting what you want in your heart. It means living your fantasies.

However, how do you manifest abundance, what cosmic laws do you need to align yourself with to make it a reality?

* You deserve to live your fantasies. Take the time to find a quiet space or some internally private space each day for yourself, if this is hard for you to realize. You need to meditate on the concept of you being deserving of your desires. There are various ways to meditate, so learn how if you do not already know how. Since you have been conditioned for so long to think you are not good enough for a charmed life, you need to re-program yourself and recondition yourself to know the opposite.

* You need to know why you want something. This is something that needs to be deeply ingrained in your mind. If not, you will manifest things you really will not want after you have manifested them. Remember to be careful what you ask for, because that is what you will get.

* After you know why you want it, allow your fantasy world to take the lead, while you intensely focus on the fantasies that occur.

* You will be inspired to take action to fulfill your fantasy, take all those opportunities. If you feel you need more knowledge, go online, read, order books, and watch videos that help you gain that knowledge. Follow your inspiration to go to certain places and websites and so on.

*It’s not that your abundance will manifest without work; rather, it’s that the work you do for it will be so inspired that it won’t even seem like work to you, like a professional baseball player ‘going to work’ by playing his sport and getting paid millions of dollars for it.

*Allow things to manifest in your life as they will. Never try to force them. Know that the desired thing or event is ‘in production’ or ‘being shipped to you’ right now, and have the patience that comes with this certain knowing.

The life of your dreams is waiting just up ahead. Start walking in its direction.

The author Anthea David writes for the popular http://www.abundance-info.com website. You can find out how easy it really is to be successful at Manifesting Abundance by visiting here. Change your life forever with a huge FREE collection of Manifesting Abundance Success Secrets Audios, Ebooks and Videos.

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