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Melaleuca Review - Home Based Business Opportunity


The Company Melaleuca has been in business since 1985 and enjoys a distinction of competing with store brand products that are safer for the home and environment. Its stated mission is “To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.” The company offers revenue sharing to its representatives and developed the concept that members and customers switch from purchasing store brand products that they buy on a regular basis, to purchasing products. Because there is no advertising or middle man, savings can be passed on to its members and customers. It also provides money-making incentives through loyalty rewards to its customers, discounts, bonuses, and recognition of member stellar achievements.

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How It Works

This is a tested system and if others have turned it into a full-time career, you can also make it. All you have to do is spare $29 for buying the start-up kit and you are good to go. The next thing that will see your digits rise is to refer as many people so that you have a big network of distributors.

Mealaleuca leafBecoming a Melaleuca Representative:

According to Melaleuca review, most often, to become a Melaleuca Representative, an existing customer will refer the prospective member to the company. The customer will receive a referral bonus and percentage of the prospect’s purchases. The prospect will be encouraged to duplicate the effort of the customer by compiling a list of potential prospects and sharing information regarding the business opportunity with them. The goal is to become a Director and establish a team of individuals who are committed and motivated to build the business, retain loyal participation by the members of the team, and to maintain momentum to ensure its growth. Beyond Director I, there are advance levels with corresponding income inventives. For instance, a Director III average monthly earnings could be $576/month. A Director at level IX average monthly earnings could be $2,371/month. A Melaleuca representative could ultimately advance to Corporate Director, where the earnings are off the chart!

Enjoy Reduced Prices at Melaleuca Review

When you become a member of Melaleuca, you will enjoy purchasing wellness products at considerable rates because you will buy them at whole sale rates. Once you have made the buy its up to you to decide where you want to take them. If you have relatives who are suffering from chronic diseases or yourself, I would recommend you to become a member today and experience the reduction on your medical expenses.

It’s Possible to Make Thousands of Dollars

There are people who make more than $100000 a month but then you can be sure that Melaleuca is not a get rich quick scheme. This means that you will reap what you sow and so you can not expect to make thousands of dollars when you are not doing anything to boost your sales.As long as you are committed, your efforts will go into waste and the good news is that your earnings have no limits and so you can as much as you wish and as little as you want. Those who have many people under them popularly known as down lines do not have to make any sales as long as their referrals are active because their earnings will trickle down to them.

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