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Mike Dillard Live and Exposed...

I’ve been telling you all about
Mike Dillard and how he can
help you prepare for for the future
in today’s turbulent economic times.

Well Mike and the CEO of his company,
Robert Hirsch, will be hosting a live
web event this evening that will be interactive.

They’ll take your questions, provide answers
and talk about what they’re doing with
their money to grow it in today’s economy…

You can ask them about The Elevation Group,
their investing strategies or what’s happening
with the global economy.

After you register for the event using the link
below, there is an option to enter your cell number
for a text reminder.

I love that. I am always missing stuff like this.

Hurry up and reserve your sport.

Elevation Group Live!

I’m definitely going to be attending,
so I’ll see you on the live chat!

Talk soon,


P.S. Don’t miss out. Mike has never
done a live event before, and he will
have some special guests too.

Elevation Group Live!


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