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Kimberly’s Easy MLM Marketing

My Story


Kimberly Flores

So, who is this Kimberly Flores

and What Can She Do for Me?

I am a wealth and peace building mentor
in the network marketing industry. My passion is assisting any and all struggling entrepreneurs to achieve their potential.

I teach network marketers and entrepreneurs how to build their businesses online without  chasing friends & family, hotel meetings, buying leads, cold calling, handing out flyers and trying to sell and convince people to join your business. How? Build relationships and the rest will follow.

I love living in the internet age and using the latest technologies & internet strategies to build my businesses and build wealth and abundance not only in my life but in the lives of all those I have the pleasure of working with.

Now let me be clear… it wasn’t always like this…

I worked my butt off in the corporate world for a famous Aerospace company. A Factory Job.
My mindset has always been to out-perform my best the next time around.
That came with a price, my body just wore out. I experienced all manner of soft-tissue injuries, and joint mis-functions, a few surgeries and lots of therapy.

After 30 years, I had enough and tried in vain to get my body to heal itself. They had had enough and fired me.

Wake up call….

I cannot earn a living with my physical body anymore.

So seeing the  writing on the wall, I delved into the online world before this fateful event. This was not as easy as I had thought (I know you hear me).

I Was a Completely Burned Out MLM Failure, Chasing After Friends & Family, Prospecting in Shopping Malls, Buying Leads & Cold Calling Trying to Convince People to Join My Business… No Friends Left

When I Discovered The Internet Online Attraction Marketing and The Cash Flow to Wealth System… 3 Months Later I Cracked The Code And Started Making Thousands Per Month… on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT From Home With Absolutely NO SELLING!

I know what its like to struggle in this industry. I bounced around from company to company searching for mentorship and training. I can guarantee you that I have dealt with the exact same questions and frustrations that you might be going through right now.

It wasn’t easy chasing friends & family, cold calling, prospecting strangers in shopping malls, posting flyers and handing out business cards, all the while not seeing ANY results for my efforts.

I learned a ton through out those years, and even though my bank account didn’t show it, I was learning and growing as a person and as a leader. You see, your struggles and your battles are the experience that develops you into a leader. And without those struggles I would never have the success I enjoy today.

Those  years of struggle and failure lead me to a pivotal point that shifted my entire business approach and literally exploded my business over night.

So how did I do it?

How did I transform my business so quickly? And with such incredible results?

Its actually pretty simple.

The secret to my success in the industry, and what I teach in the MLM Internet Formula are simple solutions to the major problems faced by all network marketers.

What are those problems?

Here’s a few of the main ones…

  • Lack of Training & Support – We provide a complete Team Training Platform that trains and supports our members with the latest marketing training, video tutorials, conference calls and forums.
  • Lack of Traffic & Leads – We teach our members how to easily drive quality traffic to their high converting websites and generate responsive leads that convert to customers and new distributors
  • Lack of Sales Skills – We use websites, marketing funnels and technology to eliminate the need for sales skills… YES you can build a huge business online without SELLING!
  • Lack of Money – We teach networkers how to make money FAST, and create significant Cash Flow to fund and explode their businesses… this is much more than a simple “funded proposal”!
    Are You Ready to FINALLY Make Serious Money Online AND Explode Your Network Marketing Business Without Any REJECTION Again?

If you have a dream, and are struggling to achieve it because you aren’t getting the right marketing training or support, then I strongly encourage you to contact me. Or at least visit my website and get some FREE TRAINING!!

My intention is basically to lay out everything for you. My intention is to show you exactly what I and the top income earners online are doing to achieve results. No secrets. No gimmicks. No lies.

I truly believe in the sharing of knowledge and resources for the improvement of others. That’s why I don’t charge anything for my Marketing Training.

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their potential and this is exactly what I intend to do.

When I started out, I figured that my upline knew what they were talking about because they were all apparently making a ton of money. But, when I did the things they told me to do, NOTHING seemed to work.

So, I started buying leads, and spent an enormous amount of time on the phone or in meetings TRYING to persuade people of my great opportunity – and it really was a great opportunity.

After about a year and a half, my motivation had faded and was almost nonexistent, and my bank account was facing a slow death too. I literally was spending about twice as much as I was bringing in. I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel – running around and around but going nowhere.

After about 18 months of tiny results, for some reason I found the motivation to give it one last shot. I began to do some deep soul searching about what I was really trying to accomplish and how I was going about it.

I have learned a thing or two about a thing or two, allow me to share what I learned to jump start your profit!

It really is that powerful and you are doing yourself and your wallet an incredible disservice by not using it.

Allow me to give you a boost!

It would be my absolute honor and privilege to give you a hand up.

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