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No Excuses Summit Review - Day One

If you don’t know what the No Excuses Summit was, I am at a loss to explain why. You see, if you are any way remotely connected to Network Marketing, then you should have heard about it if not actually attended!

Here is a brief summary: The No Excuses Summit was the brainchild of Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos and they assembled together the biggest and brightest names in Internet marketing and Network Marketing. “Goo-roos” like Jimmy Davis, Justin Christianson, Chris and Josephine Gross, Jeff Learner, Jairek Robbins (Tony Robbins’ son), Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Finale (co-owners of My Lead System Pro), legendary Mike Dillard (founder of Magnetic Sponsoring), Tim Erway, Jonathan Budd, Cedrick Harris, Mark Hoverson, Todd Falcone, David Schwind & Jim Yaghi , Katie Freiling (Chieftess of Unified Tribe ), Joseph O’Day and Adam Holland. Just about like the Oscars!

Why did I Attend?

  1. I decided to go to learn new cutting edge strategies to implement and impart to my team, and
  2. to meet other marketers to mastermind with and actually meet the speakers of the strategies I use.

I found them ALL to be real human and caring for us. Every one of them were warmly approachable, especially the most revered, Mike Dillard. I felt as though we were already friends and were catching up on things.

If you are trying to become a leader, finding new ways and strategies to help yourself AND your team build. For Example: Whenever you read a good book, attend a good webinar or attend an event like this, determine if there was anything that your team could use.

Network Marketing: Connect Online, Bond Offline

A lot of the attendees I had a connection with. I bonded with several people, and met many who I have seen online, like Cedrick Harris, Larry Beacham, Tracy Walker, Kenny Gregg, Jim Chao, Norbert Orlewicz, Jonathan Budd. There were many.

Cedrick Harris Jim Chao connecting Larry BeachamJonathan Budd connecting Trasy Rincan,Ray Higdon,Amy Neal, Chris Kent, Mia DaviesTracy Walker Kenny Gregg Norbert Orlewicz Yo Le and the Numisites

This is the reason you want to attend ALL of your company functions.

This is the reason you want to attend events such as the No Excuses Summit.

There is nothing like the quality of bonding face to face, but wait, lets take this further. As an Internet network marketer, it is important for you to bond with prospects you are trying to get into your business. We cannot always meet them face to face before they sign up but, never become the NETWORK marketer that does not return calls or meet with their prospects and teammates offline. Notice I said NETWORK marketers. That is what I believe for Network marketers, affiliate marketers can certainly get away with never meeting someone they sold something to, I just don’t think you can build a NETWORK by following that practice. ~ Ray Higdon

Lets get back the review!

First Day of the NES

Jimmy Davis, wow, he nailed it down about creating a slamming Funnel:

I was so busy taking notes I neglected to get a picture. :-(

Landing Page (short video preferred) 20 points
Which then leads to:

Business Presentation 20 points
Which then leads to:

Testimony Videos 40 points


IMPORTANT LEADERSHIP TIP Have Your “Assistant” Call the Prospect (this could be anybody that can ask a question and set an appointment, even you holding your nose). Have them answer and immediately put the  prospect on hold (to create timeliness in the prospects mind) then come back to them to set the appointment, flipping pages through your planner . 60 points

Total: 100-140 points

You call them and by this time, the prospects sees you as the ALMIGHTY that just managed to find 30 seconds to talk to you! Do you think it would take much to get them to sign up?

See, every step of this accrues points.

In Essence:

Be the leader they are looking for – They Know, Like and Trust you.

1. Set up Systems so you don’t need to be there.

2. Make it duplicable.

Later in the break-out meeting we discussed about the actual Landing page. Or


as he calls it.

“Leadership is a Statement”.

Here is the essentials that must be conveyed:

Trust and Authority

Elements of the landing page:

1. Headline –  Question phrase that is incomplete (this is neural programming because the brain NEEDs to solve the puzzle) that will get answered at the sale #4.

I.E:  “How did a washed up factory worker recruit 212 motivated reps in 6 days and found retirement was going to be better than ever ?”

2. Your Background or bio

3. Problem or Want that is addressed i.e. “No quality prospects ready to sign up”

4. How it was changed, what you did to solve #3

5.Call to action – TELL THEM WHAT to DO! > Sign up now to discover the secret….

Once they are on your list, then have it where they must qualify themselves in order to be on your team. “But Wait, you say, wont that scare them away?” If it does then GOOD! you have no time to deal with tire-kickers! Quit trying to chase THEM , but get them to BEG you to join.

In summary:

Characteristics of a Top Earner are:



Demonstrate Integrity.

Stay tuned for Day Two! I have a mess of stuff to share!

If you found this post useful, As Ray says: please do me a favor and share with others and retweet and comment.

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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