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The Psychology of Communication

Conversation is about using symbols and in case of humans, using language, to express meanings and tips between individuals and it involves the act of evoking side effects from other individuals. Human communication is designated by intention and anticipation of the reactions and conversation in humans can be mental when mediated by words or non-verbal when no language is involved. Transmission can also be direct when a certain pattern of actions evokes a specific type of response or delicate and indirect when behaviors are not foreseeable or ambiguous and not even absolutely comprehensible. The purpose of communication is almost always determined or intentional as we naturally expect a response from people.

We connect with. In fact all transmission is based on concern of response from others thus communication tend to have a direction or purpose. However the communication distance can create difficulties in the process and the objective of communication may continue to be unfulfilled when proclaimed ideas are too obscure or indirect. The vagueness increases when channels of communication between two or more folks are remote or distal rather than proximal.

Long distance communication methods such as emails and internet, telephone calls etc. bring in new challenges to the study of connection as we are not able to see the person we talk with, we find it difficult to ‘interpret’ the stimuli that we expertise. As I have noted in an previous part of this discussion, the capability to ‘interpret’ the communicative stimuli is a very important part of the communicative process and the interpretation or derivation of the meaning of what we hear or notice depends on our inherent need for analysis of all indirect body vocabulary cues, facial expression and hints or subtle or unconscious processes.

All online connection and information on the net are thus prone to misinterpretation as we are not able to interpret the information using the non verbal cues or expressions that are an important part of the communication practice.

The communication gap is thus the gap of design as despite a lot of info there is certain dearth of crucial information and our brain recognizes the communication procedure as incomplete. You may talk with a person online for several hours in a day but unless you are in a position to see or notice his or her facial and bodily expressions, you can never be assured that the conversation process is completely genuine. Of course, modern products such as the webcam have greatly enhanced the communication process.

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