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Three Reasons Why You Won't Succeed In Network Marketing Online

I see people all over the Internet claiming to make tons of money from the latest network marketing or MLM program. All these claims are usually horrible and we often make your emotions run wild as you reach your credit card to quickly sign up with the latest program that ensures your retirement. So how there are select few to profit online, while the majority did not work?

I personally believe that it is impossible for Internet users new to network marketing beginner to make money online or MLM and I have listed below some of the main reasons for this.

I. You do not have a network of people to make you money

Another name for network marketing is MLM or Multi-Level Marketing “. If you want to succeed in a network marketing program it is all about the size of your network. So what network? This is a solid set of contacts that you know and trust. A more general term for the network on the internet is a “list”. list is a group of people sometimes thousands of them to choose or opt-in to receive newsletters or e-mail from the owner of the list.

All network marketing major distributors have a huge list. When they find a new MLM program to join, they send an email to their list promoting and guess what … grow their down-lines almost overnight. Then they can sit back and count their money as referrals to them and promote all the work.

II. You are an unknown source

Do not think that being an unknown amounts to of all the millions of Internet users. In the world of being a famous marketer is a big advantage.

If you build trust with the people they are more likely to follow. As I mentioned earlier, the top network marketers is a huge list of recipients to trust them and therefore ready to sign up with almost all the programs they promote. This is no different than coming to a TV celebrity on you and tells you to buy a particular brand or product. Familiarity builds trust online.

This also works vice versa. If you are a teacher and  well-known in internet marketing, people pay attention to you, including network marketing large distributors. They know that you have the power to recruit well, so they want you in their downline to build their organizations as soon as possible. However, if your fish pond is just a small segment of  internet marketing then you will not hear about the new network marketing programs until too late.

III. You will not hear about the new network marketing program until it’s too late

The key to success in MLM is network marketing or have a large downline to do the job for you. This means that you need a downline network of experienced and dedicated marketers. All good network marketers to learn about this program and have signed up or dismissed as jealous. They may be on the mailing list a network marketing great player and hear about it right after launch.

Who’s left for you to build your network? Not many people. Most people approach you would have heard about this program and maybe even in it or you’re just sick of hearing about it. You may be lucky enough to sign up some people who do not realize it before. Unfortunately, this person is very unlikely to bring many new members of your downline. In fact, the money they bring almost does not cover the monthly payment on your own. They finally became fed up and leave. You leave a man desperately trying to sign up new so you can cover your monthly dues.

So, as you can see, network marketing programs are best avoided when you’re new to Internet marketing. You can put those dreams of signing up to a network marketing program or MLM and making huge amounts of money every month right out of your mind.

As an experienced Internet marketer you need to forget about all of the “get rich quick” and “early retirement” scams online and concentrate on building a slow and steady residual income and “get rich slow”. It is a reality, and you can start with absolutely nothing!

Want to Avoid the Hard Stuff?

Get going now and get a ROI immediately

Become a seasoned,and  experienced in network marketing today!

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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  • Hi Kimberly,

    interesting article. However, I have to disagree with regard to some aspects. At first, if an opportunity in MLM is good today, it’s even better tomorrow. So there’s is never a rush when a new company or opportunity is being launched. And everybody who is well-known today was unkown when they first started, not only in MLM. What about Madonna for example ?

    What do you think ?

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


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