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Tips for Setting Short Term Home Business Goals

by Joe Maldonado (guest author)
elevation-logo1Times have changed since the pen and paper days and not every home business goal will be one that you can measure in black and white. For instances a good home business goal for some it is to attain a higher level of spirituality. How do you put a time limit and measurement on paper for that? This is what can be referred to as a subjective home business goal.

Let’s explore not making home business goals the objective but ways to make effective short-term home business goal plans.

A good home business goal plan is one that has a reasonable chance at being successful. These can be short or long term home business goals but the effect is the same.

There is a new school of thought that frowns upon writing out your home business goals. The object of writing out you home business goals is two fold. One you can go back to it to log your progress and two you can amend and adapt them at any given time. With the computer it is even easier to do. Developing your short-term home business goals within the computer program gives you the ability to add and delete information quickly and easily.

Always give each home business goal a “due date”

Breaking a long-term home business goal down into doable small incremental steps will keep you from becoming discouraged. Plan a reward for each step you accomplish. This will make reaching these smaller plateaus more fun and exciting. Dangling the “CARROT’ of future reward in front of your face will spur you on to complete that particular phase of the project.

Another aspect of home business goal setting is that you have to prioritize your home business goals. You can do this by simply putting the most important thing first and so on. You must also be flexible where these home business goals are concerned. Do not be afraid to scrap a home business goal or add new ones. Keep the dates as spread out as possible. If you have eight deadlines looming on the horizon you are sure to get frustrated and maybe just not accomplish anything.

home business GoalsYou should try for balance in all things. Set home business goals for all areas of your life including having fun. Some people get so wrapped up in financial and career home business goals that they leave off the social aspect of their lives. Family and friends have to be as important a home business goal as the rest of the ones you are setting.

Plan on achieving home business goals on a daily basis for at least 3 months. here are a few practical tips on how to begin creating these home business goals.

Home business goal setting starts with questions. For example: Did I meet the expectations I had previously outlined for myself?; What could I do better to make certain that I improve this quarter?; What was my time to income ratio? Once you have honestly answered these question’s you are ready to start brain storming. This is a process that is used to come up with ideas on how to increase productivity or reach a wider audience. Freethinking will give you a platform from which to formulate a realistic set of home business home business goals.

Finally in order to achieve a home business goal you have give it limits. Always give each home business goal a “due date”. If you wanted to place three banner ads a week give yourself a date and time to have this accomplished each week. Making yourself accountable to a time frame is the only way you will remain motivated.

Since you are now self employed by your own home business, it is up to you to light your own fire.

See how important setting home business goals are?

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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