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When Your Online Business Needs a Boost ; Go Offline!


Yes you heard me right, go OFFLINE.

Until recently, I would say you’re crazy if you told me that. But since I have witnessed it for myself it has been a the most productive thing to do for my business today.

Consider going to your Chamber of Commerce and polling the membership on how they are marketing their offline business. Most will tell you print media mostly.

Well there you are! You have a perfect candidate for a joint-venture.

As for me, I specialize in getting offliners online!

When they see how easy it is to connect with their own customers and potential clients with video marketing, it is an eye opener for them and they wonder why I hadn’t called on them before!

imageRecently I attended a “MEGA-MIXER” put on by 3 neighboring cities and there were upwards of 50 merchants with tables hoping that passers by would take notice and give them their business. I spoke with most of them and came away with an armload of their business cards, flyers and promotional swag. They revealed to me that they wanted to use video and social media and were not sure how to get going.

Do you think I offered to help them? You Betcha!

I sent them a thank-you video email and offered to meet with them in the future to solve their problem and increase their exposure to potential customers they realize they are not reaching.

I have also been to “Farmers Markets” and did the same. I can think of many events this can work with.

If you want to find out more about what I do and see for yourself how to capitalize on this trend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and my staff. I look forward to serving others and thereby helping the community as a whole.

To your Success!


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  • I think that it is a pretty interesting concept. Once your online you always tend to forget to go offline. 

  • Great thinking – these days we are so occupied with online marketing that we’re keep forgeting the oldest and maybe the most effective way of promotion – offline marketing (word of mouth). It’s just getting left in the dust. Thanks for reminding me there are other things to focus on :)

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