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Why Appealing To Emotions Can Sell

While human beings like to believe they are ruled by logic and reason alone, this is very often just not the case. Humans are emotional creations and people simply tend to react more strongly when emotional chords are struck. From how people respond to each other to why a certain product sells better than others, emotions are often the guide.

Emotions can sell for a number of reasons. Reaching out on this level effectively is, in fact, one of the closest-guarded marketing secrets. Look around at some of the biggest companies or even at Hollywood blockbusters and it becomes clear that emotions do sell.

If your marketing efforts are not reaching people on an emotional level, they may fall short of the desired goal. While wholly logical, rational adverting campaigns that simply explain a product or service and why it should be purchased can make sales; they tend only produce modest results. When campaigns reach people on a different level or multiple levels, the effectiveness will show in the bottom line results.

Appealing to emotions can be a very successful tool for these reasons:

  • Emotional advertising can turn decent products into needed items – Think about the products that people buy with a passion. Is a particular brand of soap really the best? Can it make a woman attract men a whole room away? How about a certain brand of coffee, can it really break the ice and a spark special relationship? Chances are the answers to the questions are no, but emotionally charged advertising can actually lead people to believe otherwise.
  • Emotional ads can still appeal to logic – Emotional marketing campaigns do not have to throw logic and reason out the window to be successful. When campaigns are handled with care, they can reach some people on the emotional level and others through straight sales techniques. The result is a win-win for the advertiser and the product
  • It can cut through the logic – When marketing campaigns strike the right emotional chords, they can push logic and reason to the side. When people react on an emotional level, their subconscious minds tend to take over. This is a powerful force that can lead to sales..
  • Emotional campaigns can develop a sense of loyalty or good will – When the right emotions are appealed to through a campaign, people can find themselves actually feeling good about buying a particular product. Even if the product is not the best of its kind out there, many people will still be inclined to make the purchase any way. Developing product loyalty through marketing does often involve the use of emotional techniques. The end result can be a powerful force that will keep customers coming back for more.

There are many secrets that make great marketing campaigns great. Reaching beyond the logical is just one of the tools used by marketing experts that know how to take a good product and turn it into an incredible seller. There are many more tricks of the trade that business elite employ that others might not know about. When they are used, success is very likely to follow.

Now, knowing what your now know, how will you market your home-based business online, minor tweaks or a full-blown makeover?

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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