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Why Do You Do That? Because.

Have you ever wondered WHY you do what you do? Even if it is not the best thing at the time?

Or wondered HOW you did what you did?

More on that in a minute.

UPDATE 3-25-2011:

I did a retake of this test I had from before.

The findings surprised me!

These people understand : Mark Twain, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Betty Friedan.

I knew Kim and me were alike!

Energized by a recent webinar called the Online Branding Formula, I decided to re-take the test.

As it turns out, I am what is referred to IDEALIST, with a sub-type of Champion!

The site that has a summary can be found here

Here is a definition: People naturally confide in the Champion (ENFP). That’s why they make such good mediators, counselors, teachers, consultants, and reporters. Any position that outreaches to others can fit the Champion.

Holy Smokes Batman!  The house is on fire!

That explains why I get wound up in some things!

It also tells me that I am evolving and this is good.  Wanting to reach out and connect has always been my intention but had let my “head” rule my actions. Anymore, I just “Go with it” and see what happens! I like it! And it is showing up in my business as well!

So go get yourself tested free here and make sure you are also on the OLBF members list!


[original blog post]

I was on a great webinar from my friends and and awesome leaders, Amy Neal and Trasy Rincan.

On this particular webinar, they had none other than My Lead System Pro co-founders Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz.

What I am about to tell you is something I believe in my heart of hearts, that it only takes ONE IDEA to TURN on the JUICE!

That is why it is imperative to be on webinars and get to events, like Live the Dream,  and hook up with others who can share these little nuggets. You never know when that piece may come in handy.

So this leads to my revelation.

einstein55[1] It was on this webinar that Brian shared about finding your “brand” and letting it develop. It may even change from time to time. Meaning you can consciously change it through self development.

The book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” clearly tells of some that have done just that!

One such bit of info he shared was to find a personality test and see where you are, then take advantage of that, or work on changing it.

So, my friends, this is what I did and HAD TO LAUGH OUT LOUD when I discovered my innate traits.

I went to http://www.humanmetrics.com/ and took the 70 question test. Some of the questions were interesting in themselves.

Here are some snippets of the reports that followed:

Introverted- Intuitive- Thinking- Perceiving

I am an equivalent to an Architect!

The most reserved of the Rationals is the Architect (INTP). They store huge amounts of information in their heads and can analyze problems with great insight. They are often drawn to professions where they can be their own bosses, such as optometrist, plastic surgeon, neurologist, or scientist. They may become lawyers, architects, or financial analysts. Many are found in the higher levels of academia in such fields as archeology, chemistry, philosophy, or mathematics. They may show a strong creative bent as a musician, inventor, or photographer. Some restore antiques or old cars.

Ruthless pragmatists about ideas, and insatiably curious, Architects are driven to find the most efficient means to their ends, and they will learn in any manner and degree they can. They will listen to amateurs if their ideas are useful, and will ignore the experts if theirs are not. Authority derived from office, credential, or celebrity does not impress them. Architects are interested only in what make sense, and thus only statements that are consistent and coherent carry any weight with them.

Architects are rare – maybe one percent of the population . They tend to see distinctions and inconsistencies instantaneously, and can detect contradictions no matter when or where they were made. It is difficult for an Architect to listen to nonsense, even in a casual conversation, without pointing out the speaker’s error. Architects regard all discussions as a search for understanding, and believe their function is to eliminate inconsistencies, which can make communication with them an uncomfortable experience for many. (note: my husband can tell you this. lol)

Introverted Thinker strives to extract the essence of the Idea from various externals that express it. In the extreme, this conceptual essence wants no form or substance to verify its reality. Knowing the Truth is enough for INTPs; the knowledge that this truth can (or could) be demonstrated is sufficient to satisfy the knower. “Cogito, ergo sum” expresses this prime directive quite succinctly.

Intuition softens and socializes Thinking, fleshing out the brittle bones of truths formed in the dominant inner world. That which is is not negotiable; yet actual application diffuses knowledge to the extent that knowledge needs qualification and context to be of any consequence in this foreign world of substance.

If Thinking can desist, the INTP is free to brainstorm, calling up the perceptions of the unconscious (i.e., intuition) which are mirrored in patterns in the realm of matter, time and space. These perceptions, in the form of theories or hunches, must ultimately defer to the inner principles, or at least they must not negate them.

Intuition unchained gives birth to play. INTPs enjoy games, formal or impromptu, which coax analogies, patterns and theories from the unseen into spontaneous expression in a way that defies their own comprehension.

Here are some people who have my traits:

Socrates, Rene Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Sir Isaac Newton

U.S. Presidents: James Madison, John Quincy Adams ,John Tyler ,Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

William Harvey (pioneer in human physiology),C. G. Jung, (Freudian defector, author of Psychological Types, etc.),William James,Henri Mancini,Bob Newhart,Rick Moranis (Honey, I Shrunk The Kids),Midori Ito (ice skater, Olympic silver medalist),Tiger Woods

Albert Einstein as the iconic Rational is an Architect. Dr. David Keirsey, Robert Rosen, George Soros, Gregory Peck, James Madison, Ludwig Boltzman, Charles Darwin, Adam Smith, and Thomas Jefferson are other examples of the Architect Rational.

So there you go my Friend!

Come with me on this journey called life and tear it to shreds! Because I cannot NOT tell you what to do, I CAN tell you how to do it.

Lets connect and Git ‘er DONE!

We got a bridge to build – from here to success and prosperity!

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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