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Why Numis Network~

If you were given the choice, what MLM product would you want to “Stock Up” on?

  • Vitamins – no, they are made to be consumed within a few months.
  • Juice – No, perishable.
  • Cleaning Products – Why?
  • Gold and Silver – Oh YEAH.

Take a look at what Ray says (he says it so well):

(The Top Earner as of this post)

As the top earner of Numis Network, I know that it is the only mlm product I would not mind a garage full of! Can you imagine ever having too much gold and silver? Yeah, me neither!
Numis Network is a gold and silver mlm that launched in August of 2009 and we are rocking it. You have probably seen it all over the Internet and for good reasons, while other mlm companies make a lot of noise, we just make a lot of money!
Ray Higdon

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0_-QlIh2ig&hl=en]

Here is another gem for you: See what David Wood has to say on the Comp Plan:

If you’re here – it’s because you’re either involved in The Numis Network, or you’re looking at it as a way to create some additional wealth in your life, and you want to understand not only the compensation plan – but how to create a solid six figure income in Numis.

When I got involved in The Numis Network back in March of 2010, I didn’t really understand how the comp plan worked – the ‘coded bonuses’ intimidated me, and I fumbled around explaining it in my first 3 weeks – but then something happened.  My third week in the business, I sponsored a guy, who sponsored a guy, who sponsored a lady, who sponsored a guy that came in 5 levels down.

This random guy that I had never met brought in 12 people in 5 days, and my third week my check was LITERALLY thousands of dollars more than I thought it would be.  Now that’s not an income projection, and of course what happens in your own business is going to depend on a lot of factors, including how hard you work, your skills, and the team system that you’re using, but let me explain how to create up front money consistently with The Numis Network, even if you haven’t been involved for very long.

The Numis Network Compensation Plan really is 2 comp plans built into one – they have a front end up front money plan (what I’m going to discuss in a sec) and a back end residual income plan that’s in a traditional binary structure.

The up front money plan is simple as can be – here’s how it works:

Everyone you sponsor is put into one of two ‘codes’ – the first 3 people you enroll go into the ‘one star’ code, and everyone after that goes into your ‘two star’ code.  The two star code has 2 characteristics:

1.  Everyone anyone in your 2 star code EVER enrolls who purchases a ‘Fast Track Collectors Kit’ earns $100.  This means if your fourth person sponsored 100 people who bought the kit – he would earn $10,000, and you would earn $10,000.

2.  The first 3 people ANYONE in your 2 star code enroll are ALSO in your two star code, and that goes unlimited levels deep – meaning rules 1 and 2 apply to all of them.

So without getting 2 complicated – let’s call this fourth person ‘Bob’.  Let’s say Bob was your first ’2 star’ distributor – and he sponsored 3, they sponsored 3, and they sponsored 3 and EVERYONE purchased the fast track kit – you would have 27 Executives in your 2 star code (Remember – it goes unlimited levels)

If each one sponsored just 1 person per month – you would earn $2700 per month, because they are ‘coded’ to you.  If each one sponsored one per week, you would earn $2700 per week, and so on.

So how do you create a sustainable income in Numis quickly?  Help a small group of people in your 2 star code sponsor consistently every week.  It’s not just about YOU recruiting, it’s about having a simple system in place that everyone can use to have a consistent amount of success.  Help 100 people in your 2 star code sponsor just one person per month, and you will earn $10,000 per month from the 2 star code – regardless of the size of your team.  Help 25 sponsor 1 per week, and you’ll earn $10,000 per month as well with a smaller group – it’s all about the success of your team.

Now this isn’t a ‘Numis Promotion’ or anything of the nature – I wrote this so people who are IN or looking at Numis can learn how to create a six figure income quickly.  ….

-David Wood

I encourage you to investigate this for yourself, don’t take our word for it,  Go Here , we’ll be talking later.

Kimberly Flores
Wealth Creation Success Coach

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Kimberly Flores - Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode "Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time."

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