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Wild Natural Skin Repair

Native to New Zealand Manuka Honey comes from the flowering therapeutic bush the tea tree that’s generally recognized for it’s product tea tree oil. Composed from the Manuka bush this honey has long been recognized for its effective healing properties and today Manuka Honey is being widely used by hospitals it is also becoming a popular ingredient in skincare and Natural beauty. Pioneers of Manuka Honey Skin Care Parrs, is truly one such company which has really harnessed the properties of within Manuka Honey for years. Through research and expertise in the sector of Natural beauty have perfected their range to bring you the new enhanced Wild Ferns Manuka Honey range.

All honey consists of anti-bacterial properties together with an enzyme, which produces hydrogen peroxide with this honey has always been a popular ingredient for natural healing and skin care treatments. It’s also rich in natural proteins, vitamins and minerals and has astonishing capabilities to nourish, soothe and heal sensitive damaged skins. Active Manuka honey consists of a much richer formula in all of these aspects and also consists of a powerful anti-oxidant which neutralizes free radicals which are now proven to be a major factor in skin cell damage which extends to skin aliments as well as premature aging. With this Manuka Honey is just the perfect ingredient in any skin care regime, whether we go all natural or for a easy alternative such as the Wild ferns range it will really provide some astounding benefits for anyone’s skin.

Wild Ferns Beauty Products contain only the best quality of Manuka Honey. They are actually the only beauty product so far which contain AAH 650+ tested honey. This is a new unique method of testing which ensures the anti-oxidant properties are present along with the antibacterial components. This method was developed by Dr Geoffrey Savage the number one authority in the Manuka Honey Biochemistry department within New Zealand. Dr Savage and his team found that only AAH650+ contained both elevated amounts of the naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties together with identical levels of vital anti-oxidants, which are so significant today. An exclusively distinctive method is needed whilst testing AAH honey when opposed to the controversial UMF testing method. It can be scientifically proven and it is 100% precise each time. Parrs recognized this and realized this was the best choice to make sure quality control was at its highest.

The scale of measuring the antibacterial level activity in Active AAH 650+ Manuka Honey is also different to that of UMF. The active AAH range is 470-650+. For UMF the activity range is 5-25+. Therefore 650+ would be to the same strength as 25+ UMF though the AAH 650+ is proven to be more particular and accurate. With both testing methods the higher the number the more effective will probably be in the usage of natural healing. Though active AAH 650 + concludes that the honey is not only high in antibacterial components is make sure the antioxidant levels are in attendance as well.

Anti-oxidants are a very important aspect of both our diet and skin care these components are proven to protect us from free radicals which attribute to many ailments and diseases. These free radicals are also proven to play significant role within the ageing process, being estimated that up to 95% skin damage which in turn causes the ageing process these factors. Free radicals are often a part of everyday life some of which we can avoid easier than others. They can be anything from a skin care or toiletry product which may contain toxic ingredients, to allergens, weather conditions such as UV rays, pollution, or alcohol drugs and cigarettes these aspects and many more have a negative effect on cells throughout out body and cause us to age.

As our skin is our bodies main source of protection it comes under attack for the majority of the free radicals and it only makes sense for us to protect against these as much as possible to protect our skin as well as our bodies. Anti-oxidants should be an essential part of everyone’s diet as they are known to help prevent disease. Top sources of anti-oxidants are carrots, tomatoes, red grapes, broccoli, wholegrain etc. Though using anti-oxidants as a skin care alternative is also an excellent option as these help to protect the skin directly this also helps to protect sensitive skins giving them a chance to nourish and repair properly.

Manuka Honey is the perfect skin care source which includes all the properties which are required in quality skin care. Many Skin care professionals are now saying that Manuka Honey is the best anti-ageing product which is available on the market today. Along with its anti-aging properties it helps to cleanse, and nourish the skin providing the perfect environment for the skin to repair and heal. There are many Manuka Honey skin care products available on the market today which range in quality as well as price. Parrs are specialists in Natural Skin Care and have now put this experience into their all new Wild Ferns Range. These products are all free of parebens and mineral oils which are known to be free radicals alone. Despite this these ingredients are being utilised in at least 90% of the beauty products available today.

Want to find out more about Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Products or Natural Beauty, then visit my hub at these links on how to choose the best Manuka Honey Products for your needs. If you would like to purchase come straight to www.rydergifts.co.uk

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